Traffic Safety, "calming" and enforcement -- archaic or forward looking

City Council Meeting   11/15/2017

  The discussion and vote on the expediting of speed bumps
  Item 10E, Video selection on left, Text on Right 

  9 page agenda report, with background information  
Articles by Al Rodbell

Traffic Enforcement as it reflects the national political divide 

Speed Bumps to Proliferate in City of Encinitas


Article based on press release in U.T. and Encinitas Advocate

Encinitas agrees to ease rules regarding speed "cushion" installation

 Both dismiss all serious objections with this closing sentence:  "Typically, he said, the people who live along a newly cushioned roadway give the bumps high praise, while drivers who live elsewhere and use the roadways as quick cut-through routes complain."  


My response:

Nonsense, Those who object to this one sided decision propose  seriously evaluating all the complexity of traffic systems to optimize utility and safety of all users.  

 Those interesting in pursuing a different approach to traffic control in Encinitas can contact me by email at